Thursday, May 14, 2009


I swear, I have been every fool that has ever been in the 60+ some years I've been around. How else do you learn? Life just keeps throwing it up there and I just keep swinging whether there's a ball there or not. Having made every mistake that comes along has its advantages. Usually I don't go back there even though that's one of the fool things to do, do the same damn thing again.

But the grace of this situation is that I have learned, I'm still smiling, chuckling and loving every minute. In spite of my foolery I have lived a charmed life, charmed by the knowledge of my own foolishness, sustained by the knowledge that what doesn't destroy me make me stronger, confidant that in spite of my own actions, life is good.

In this nascent birthing of blog I will reveal things about my history and my future in an endeavor to share. I have to confess I am a bit wary of exposure of this kind but interested in where it will lead.

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  1. My nephew, Jeff Rice of Seattle, has a grant from U of Utah to develop a sound archive. He has lots to say about this technically...he is enchanted, as am I
    W Rainey